I Am A Student Right Now At Milton High School

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Jay Lee
Intermediate Programming
August, 12, 2014
Career we want and how technology is used in it My name is Jay Lee. I am a student right now at Milton High School. I formally attended FSA and right 13 years old. In college I am planning to take neuroscience, robotics, and architecture. I intend to become a professor like my father, and do my own research I want. Neuroscience is science that’s about nerve system in the brain. In neuroscience you can make the brain control using its nerve system other machines like exo-skeleton. It has already been done in the Brazil world cup. A group of scientist made an exo-skeleton that uses the nerve system of the brain to move around. It was a miracle for a man who could not walk all of his life and walk again in front of the entire crowd using the exo-skeleton. Robotics is making robots that help mankind to things easier. For example we can make a robot save someone who is in danger and not have any life of innocent firefighters or the rescuers sacrificed. In architecture I would like to design buildings and other sightseeing places. The study of neuroscience increased exponentially due to increase of due to advance of advances in molecular, electrophysiology, and computational neuroscience. It has helped neuroscientist research all aspect of the brain nerve system: how it functions, malfunctions, or changes. The study of neuroscience can be done in multiple steps ranging from molecular and cellular to the system and…
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