I Am A Teacher : An Assignment About Fatherhood After Watching By Deborah Brandt

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Deborah Brandt, professor and author of “Sponsors of Literacy,” has argued that people do not become literate on their own. People, places and everyday life influence how they shape a certain person based on what they 're exposed to. For instance, my teacher shaped the way I write and her being at my institution which is school has shaped me into who I am. I 've become more creative and now I write from the heart. She taught us how to apply our writing to the real world and make a change. If it wasn 't for her class I wouldn 't be such a strong writer and that 's how literacy has helped me succeed. My teacher Ms. Mangahas was my literacy sponsor during my powerful writing experience. She gave us an assignment about fatherhood after watching “To Kill A Mockingbird,” and the prompt was how is a father essential to a child’s life. We had to use real-world examples and examples from the movie to support our evidence. I honestly reconsidered selecting the class at first but once I got into the class I noticed improvement in my writing. Although the grading was vigorous, it helped my circumstances by making me a better writer. We were always timed to write a well constructed essay in 45 minutes. We then would have our papers passed back and our teacher always helped us try to better our essay. I had little mistakes like not having my claims clearly stated or not giving enough evidence to it. With the help of my teacher I always felt better about my writing because she…

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