I Am A Teacher?

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I am going to be a teacher because God has chosen clearly to use me to teach children and youth to become men and women of God. God has not only gifted me in ways that trace back to a life of teaching, but has shaped my life to prepare for teaching. I was never formally asked to be a teacher. I actually never really wanted to be a teacher during my childhood. I saw it as a taboo profession and didn 't want to be like my teachers, thus creating a bias against teaching in general. However, as I began to grow up and become a christian, my motives and desires changed to glorifying and serving.
One of the skills that God has given me is the ability to talk to anybody in near every situation. I feel a special feeling from God when he wants me to speak to someone, and when I do, I can feel God 's presence in the conversation. He has given me a tongue that has great ability to persuade and proclaim the truth of the Gospel. When I talk to students at Tidings of Peace Christian School, they listen to what I say. This ability goes beyond just being an influence to people spiritually, I have been described a disciplinarian by many of my peers. Although often to strict, I am able to maintain control of the group by establishing my expectations clearly and firmly. The students often laugh and enjoy when I am in charge because I see tremendous value in the students enjoying education. All of the previous attributes and blessings are a result of the goodness and hand of God, and I am…

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