I Am A Thief Who Stole My Mom 's Money

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I am a thief who stole my mom 's money. Actually, it was not exactly my mom’s but I had no control over it anyhow. I was nine years old, and my eyes just opened for everything in my surroundings. So I took advantage of the curiosity for a meaningful and unforgettable experience. Unfortunately, I regret the choice I made; though the punishment surpassed what it should be. My old abode was an apartment in a small town in Chang Won, South Korea. In a plaza nearby the apartment block, a tiny toy store held its ground between the Chinese cuisine and a supermarket. You may wonder how the store kept its business. It was quite easy when kids in the entire town went insane about toys. I was vigorous for collecting Yu-Gi-Oh! cards. The only obstacle…show more content…
It did not take a long time for me to realize the absence of any human presence. An idea popped up in my mind. If my parents were not at home, I could seize that little piggy to get what I longed for. My heart was beating faster and faster, accelerating drastically every moment. Accordingly, my body was prepared for celebrating the joyful and glorious moment that will take place in the non-distant future. I carefully observed the house to ensure that both of my parents are not at home. In order for my plan to succeed, no one had to be there. Even my little sister who was in her first year of elementary school could inform her parents about me on the behalf of her thirty pieces of silver. Ensuring that no one was at home, I moved like a turquoise, walking on toe to toe, nervously observing the surroundings. When I finally reached my parents room, I swiftly opened the door and approached the poor little piggy that will lose all of its weight soon, as if a lion was attacking its prey. I snatched the piggy bank from the my mom’s dark green cabinet, shaking my right hand, feeling the mixture of anxiety and excitement, thrusting the index finger into the piggy, and breathlessly pulled out two pieces of paper bills. I trotted like a horse out of my house and galloped towards the toy store. The owner of the store, Mr. Park, seeing a young boy standing at the door, catching his breath asked, “Hey kid, what’s the matter?” “Oh, I am just in a hurry. Can I get a full box of this?”
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