I Am A U.s. Born Citizen

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I am a U.S. born citizen. My parents moved to the United States in 1984 without knowing anything about this country. Looking for a fresh start and new opportunities, my parents settled in Houston. With hardly knowing any English, my parents knew this was the place to make dreams become a reality. Luckily, I had older siblings to look up to whenever I needed help. Like Lahiri, I was trapped in between two different cultures while I was growing up. At home, I only spoke Spanish, but in school it was English. My habits and customs were different than others. Life as an immigrant’s offspring can be very difficult. As I grew older, I allowed myself to open my eyes and see the beauty of being an American from Hispanic descent. It was always odd talking about my culture because we as Hispanics are very family oriented. As a kid, I hardly spent time with my friends outside of school. My cousins were my friends. For Lahiri, it was difficult to get along with her friends as well. She states, “In addition to my distinguishing name and looks, I did not attend Sunday school, did not know how to ice-skate, and disappeared to India for months at a time. Many if these friends proudly called themselves Irish- American or Italian- American” (Lahiri 98). I can relate to Lahiri because I understand where she’s coming from. I would visit el Salvador nearly every summer, and none of my friends would even know. Since my parents could barely communicate with my friends, it was hard to spend much
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