I Am A White, Heterosexual, Christian Female

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I am a white, heterosexual, Christian female. In today’s society, there can be three issues with my cultural identity. As a white person today, there are many stigmas that are faced, along with many cultural biases. As a Christian, there are also major social biases that are brought forth regularly. In today’s world, many people choose to talk about white privilege; however, there are also many other forms of privilege that are considered too taboo to speak about in public. While I will not deny that there are “white privileges”, there is a legitimate case that there is also “black privilege”, “non-Christian privilege”, and even “Asian privilege”. With each of these cases, I have my own personal experience. Asian Privilege Of the forms…show more content…
I spoke to my teacher about it and an investigation was started. Not long after, my leaf pages were discovered in the booklet of a student in the class that was of Asian descent. This student proceeded to protest the findings because he was “an Asian.She is white...Asians are too smart to steal things from regular, white students just to get a good grade.” These were his exact words. My teacher then decided that he must be right and continued her search for my papers. After her search turned up nothing, I returned to the Asian student and asked to borrow the papers in question. When I matched them up with the papers in my booklet, they were an exact match. Had my teacher not listened to the student and his “I am an Asian and too smart for that” speech, the hunt would have been over many days earlier that it was. While this is in no way the only form of “Asian privilege”, it is my personal experience with the subject. I strongly feel that this is a subject that needs to be discussed along with the “black/white privilege” issues. 2. Non-Christian Privilege Another issue facing today’s Americans is the idea of “Christian privilege”. I do not deny that there are some privileges to being a Christian, but I also feel strongly about showing both sides of the proverbial coin. There are also notable “non-Christian privileges”. By non-Christian, I am encompassing Muslim, atheist, and most other religions, as this is my
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