I Am A ----Year Old Christian Woman. I Come From Pakistan

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I am a ----year old Christian woman. I come from Pakistan and am currently working on my Master of Divinity program at Garrett- Evangelical Theological Seminary, Evanston, IL. I am looking forward to graduating on May 12, 2017. I am a United Methodist and a certified Candidate for Ordained Ministry. I am on the elder track. Last year, I also became a certified lay minister and was recommended for Local Pastor’s License; however, I did not receive any appointment. Serving God and God’s people had been a passion with me, whether it is through volunteer work, or serving at the church in various and different capacities. The Master of Divinity program has broadened my whole understanding about the Church and God and, has established a mind-set…show more content…
I have been able to build bridges with people that do not belong to the same identity as me. They are the other me and in little or big ways, I have come to experience the presence of God midst these interactions, that I call “divine.” My biggest dream is to be able to communicate with these people about social justice without them feeling nervous and anxious about me as a student of theology. That is why, I want to pursue the MTS Program at G-ETS through which I can grow, be nurtured and let others join me in my endeavors. In addition to the courses at G-ETS, my hope is to take help from the Religion and Film-ology department at the Northwestern University, and also as interact with people, to get to know their perception of the films that have shaped them and their lives and, how they think social justice is central to their lives. As a form of cultural capital, film and cinema are both reflections of a society’s ideals inasmuch as they are also what the philosopher Louis Althusser might call “an apparatus for reproducing the means of production.” Beyond its importance to various theories of cinema and society, a common understanding of cinema hinges on its importance as a tool for examining society in general—much like a lens through which one might peer to understand the ecology of a newfound species. And when one considers world cinemas, few are more deeply imbued with cultural capital, both as a reflection of societal norms (descriptive cultural
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