I Am A Year Old Muslim And I Don 't Be The Sole Creator Of Everything

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My name is Ayman, I’m a 22 year old Muslim and I don 't have any prejudice against any kind of religion nor do I have anything against non-believers. After spending a semester studying the great religions of the world, my religious view have really changed. I came to learn a lot about the other religions in the world and understand them. I learnt that all religions believe in a supreme being who is presumed to be the sole creator of everything.
I have come to learn more about my religion Islam. Islam is a monotheistic religion and it is currently the second largest religion in the world. Islam means to acquiesce to the commandments of the one and only God who is referred to as Allah. Allah is a supreme being and is transcendent from human kind. He is the creator of the universe and he knows everything.” Islam confesses that ‘‘there is no God but God’’ and that ‘‘Muhammad is God’s prophet’’ who has come to teach and spread the way of submission and obedience to the one God” ( Van Voorst pg. 290).
A Muslim is any male or female person who believes in Allah and the Prophet Muhammad as His Messenger and he/she testifies in front of witnesses of his acceptance of Islam as the religion in which he/she believes in. Islam has clearly drawn beliefs and laws that each of the believers can understand. The ultimate goal of Islam religion is to promote a peaceful and civilised society. It recognises that human are susceptible to errors and sin and no one is perfect. Islam seeks to
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