I Am A Youth Counselor

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Friday September 18th, 1992 (11.39 a.m.) It was by pure coincidence and good fortune that Judy’s birthday was the day after Harry’s, giving Tom the perfect excuse (or so he told himself) to visit her after three and a half years of separation. He carried a single red rose in his hand, a simple gift that was all he could afford without asking Booker for money, and he loathed asking Booker for money. It had taken a long time, but he was slowing finding his independence, and he refused to take advantage of the man he loved. He knew it would take many more months of therapy before he had the confidence to re-enter the workforce, but he planned to pull his weight financially as soon as he could. While it was still a long way in the future, he hoped that one day, he could become a youth counselor. It was his dream to help those who were addicted to drugs find a new path in life, and he hoped his stint in prison would not hinder his ambition. He honestly believed he had a role to play in helping those who had lost their way. It was his destiny and if he could prevent one other person from ruining their life the way he had ruined his, then the last three years would have been worth all the pain. Although his transformation had been painfully slow, he finally felt as though he had a purpose in a world full of uncertainty. He had a clear vision for the future, but most importantly, he was slowly but surely, finding Tom Hanson. Therefore, as he stood outside of Judy’s
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