I Am About Concordia University Irvine's Absn Program

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I first heard about Concordia University Irvine’s ABSN program through my cousin Ana Versigan who is a graduate from the program. My cousin greatly admired Concordia’s ABSN program and she highly advised me to apply for the program. The ABSN program at CUI immensely prepared Ana for her career as a nurse. CUI provided small classes and opportunities to interact with the professors which cannot be said about other schools. She was able to make connections with her professors and received exceptional help from her professors and worked in groups with her classmates. With the education and help from the professors, she was prepared for interviews where she performed remarkably well and was offered multiple positions. Ana’s exemplary success due to her educational background at Concordia fiercely encouraged my decision to apply for CUI’s ABSN program. I believe that I would make an exceptional addition to CUI’s ABSN program because I believe that I have qualities and characteristics that make me a strong fit for a career in nursing.
By growing up in a home that instilled Christian morals and beliefs, it has made me into a strong woman not only because of my faith, but also because of difficulties and struggles I had growing up. With cultural and language barriers that my parents had to face, I would assist them in various tasks and responsibilities. Because I had to stand up and take control in certain tasks and situations, it has made me become a strong individual and

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