I Am About My Life

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So basically this is supposed to be about my life, which it will be but it consists only of my friends, ringette, and school. So you could say that it isn’t a life you’d want but it’s what I have. On May 8th 2001, I was born in Airdrie, super special right? Yeah must be if people in my family foget it every year, at least it’s only my aunt. At about 4 years old I started to skate and play ringette. Obviously I go to school too and this year I’m starting grade nine. This is my autobiography, I guess.

May 8th 2001, Madison Dyann Pluister was born, me. My family and I went back home shortly after I was born. Our house was in Airdrie and that’s where they lived for quite a while. But after I was born they decided to move back to their hometown, Lacombe, AB. My mom coached ringette there and my older sister played it. They thought that i should play ringette too so we went to buy skates in Red deer. At source for sports my parents asked me to pick out a pair of skates and I did but the only thing was they were figure skates not hockey skates. I brought them over to my parents and my mom quickly responded that those skates were only for adults, thanks mom by the way dodged a bullet there. When I first started ringette I was horrible as any normal kid would be. I also started a year before any of my friends so I didn’t know anyone. But it’s the only sport that has stuck with me for my whole life ten years to be exact. Last year my ringette team had been fairly successful. Since we…

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