I Am About My Vote For Donald Trump

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Yes, There Are Dozens - I 'm Stopping At 10 I know this article is going to cause most Never-Trumpers to roll their eyes and start mumbling about principles and temperament, but someone has to take the initiative to state the obvious. I hope my message gets past the initial reaction of "not another one". I am voting for Donald Trump for many reasons, but primarily I am casting my vote for him because I have 2 children, 4 grandchildren, and hopefully, God willing, I 'll be around to welcome my great-grandchildren into this world. I want these children to have the hope and opportunity that I enjoyed, and that is only going to be with President Trump, and his running mate, Mike Pence. Just as easily as the Never Trumpers, I could say, "I am too principled to vote for a "less than religious ' individual who has held various positions in the past and is a bit of a wild card." But I realize we can never have a perfect person running for president - and politics is, and always has been, the art of compromise and choosing the best options that are presented to us. I know there are still many who disagree with me, but we can still love each other and be civil. I am sharing this because my husband and I will be voting for Donald Trump without reservation. Here are just the top 10 reasons why: 1.) He 's not Hillary Clinton We know exactly who she is, what she is, what she stands for, and can pretty well guess what she will do to our country. We can 't risk her getting into office.
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