I Am Always Told ' Nothing Gold Can Stay

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I am always told ‘Nothing gold can stay.’ As an eight year old, I do not understand what they mean by that.

I live with my mom, Cindy, and my dad, Brian, and our two dogs, Chloe and Bear. We live in a small duplex in Fort Knox, Kentucky. Our house consisted of two bedrooms and two bathrooms. When you walked in the front door and looked right, you would see the our family computer. Next to that was the entrance to the medium size kitchen, which led to the living room which also was the home to our dining table. If you looked straight, you would see the hallways that led to both rooms and bathrooms. Our life was simple, the only daily arguments included who was going to do the dishes that night.

It is a winter evening in Kentucky. I am in front of the television watching my favorite program, Hannah Montana. My father is shoveling the snow that has accumulated outside over the past few hours. My mom is cooking my favorite supper. I can smell the highly seasoned, meaty, cheesy chili that I was about to be devouring. After I finished a couple more episodes of my show, dinner was ready! All three of us took our regular seats at our rectangle-shaped dinner table that was against the wall; my mom sat at the long end of the table, facing the wall, while my father and I sat at opposite ends. As soon as I took the first bite, I was already warm. That’s what I enjoyed most about this dish; it could always made me feel warm when it was chilly out. I savored each bite of perfect…
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