I Am An Academic Program That Will Provide A Solid Foundation For Graduate Studies

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My ambition to have an academic program that will provide a solid foundation for graduate studies dates back to my years in the university. When I began my undergraduate studies, I had the opportunity to be exposed to a full range of agricultural related courses. Animal science particularly stood out for me. Courses like Principles of Animal nutrition, Anatomy and digestive physiology and many others tend to reinforce and solidify my intense interest. I was not only fascinated by the biological mechanisms behind all life processes and explanations of how everything in nature functions but became aware of the ever present opportunities to relate my studies to my everyday life as a growing adult. My internship programs further instilled in me the discipline and expectations of a researcher, as I observed and learned at first hand researchers investigate the ruminal degradation of certain types of feeds. Before I completed my Bachelor’s degree, I reviewed nutrition-reproduction interactions in cattle as a thesis. This thesis was both enjoyable and enlightening, bringing to my awareness problems faced by the cattle industry in Africa previously not known by me. Poor nutrition appeared to be the most persistent. Beef and milk production in Africa is mainly dependent on natural pastures with little or no feed supplementation. Most animals, therefore, lose weight and condition during the dry season, often extending their calving interval well over a year, consequently affecting

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