I Am An Active Listener As Well

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Dear Newly Engaged Couple, In this letter you will find five examples of areas for you to examine that will help you develop and keep the communication open and active in your relationship. To become complacent in a relationship will allow the relationship to become stagnant therefore leading to dissolution. It is easy to get comfortable in a relationship and assume everything is fine. Early on in a relationship, interpersonal communication is solid but it seems to fade with time; it is a daily battle to keep communication at the forefront of our lives. Accepting the principles and misunderstandings of effective interpersonal communication are fundamental. Communication is not just about talking with or to someone. You should be an active listener as well, “One of the most obvious benefits of human communication is that it allows people to share thoughts, feelings, experiences, and views of the world.” (Sole, K, 2011 Ch. 1). If you are not sharing your thoughts, feelings, experiences, or views, you are not really communicating. A few minutes of quality conversation is better than the quantity of said conversation. You can have a 2 hour conversation that’s meaningless where you talk about the news or weather. To have a conversation with your significant other, real talk, about the two of you and where you’re going, goals and desires will benefit any relationship by far. Talking at someone will get you nowhere. Being negative or talking down to someone will only get them to
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