I Am An African American Woman Born

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I am an African American woman born in raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I lived in the inner city of Milwaukee until I was about eight years old, and shortly after we moved to the Village of River Hills. My mother grew up in the city of Milwaukee also. My father grew up in Jackson, Mississippi and moved to Wisconsin when he was ten years old. Growing up, I traveled from Milwaukee to Mississippi at least seven times a year. Initally, while visiting it was a culture shock for me. My grandmother drove the School bus and lived on a farm. She had many horses as pets and as a means for transportation. In Mississippi I l learned that is was not ok to call adults by there first name and it is a sign of disrespect and it is rude to not look at a person when they are speaking to you. I eventually adapted to the country life and I love it. For many years I was the only child, until my mother gave birth to my brother when I was 14 years old. Although, it is only the two of us my family is huge. My grandparents had ten kids together and all of them went to college. My mother is a Nurse practitioner and I have three aunts that are also nurse practitioners and two aunts that are Registered nurses. In my future practice as a nurse, I plan to follow my moms foot steps and focus on promoting health through caring, preventing illness, cherishing clients, and providing clients with the best possible experiences regardless of cultural differences. According to Jeffreys (2008), “providing…
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