I Am An Ambitious Artist

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There is one thing for certain I know, when I think about what I’m going to do when I get out of school and it consists of having a business. Another thing I know for sure is that I want to go into Graphic Design. My degree is going to be in Graphic
Design, I want to do the advertising and do the designing for my business. Designing is something that I enjoy doing and hopefully I can make a business that makes me cheerful doing what I like.
I decided to work on advertising for my business because of a lot of reasons. My work is enjoyable and appeals to the senses. I am an ambitious artist and I am gaining recognition towards my designs and I already have people who are buying my work. The value of my work will increase in time as my work improves and I continue to have acknowledgment locally and internationally. The first reason would be I have a creative mind coming up with a concept with supports. It seems to me that all the great ideas I get have one great ad. An article that I found online for my first source name Business Plan
Basics For Artist – Goals and Objectives, talks about what is your goals, objectives, strategies, and also action plans which is required to create a business. The website stated that a goal is a open word for the things I want to accomplish in my art business. At this point in raising my plan for my business I need to do research.
While researching texts written about creating a business I found a few authors who published books about,…

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