I Am An Application Of My Multimodal English 1101 Class

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Makers and Makerspaces was the subject of my multimodal English 1101 class, which exposed me to an innovative culture and developed competence in all communication modalities. While my original interest was in the class theme of maker culture, towards the end of the semester I found the work on mastering communication in a variety of modes to be increasingly important. Furthermore, the class constantly contributed to my personal writing and communication skills development throughout the creation of a web page, a group presentation, and an analysis essay. As an international student, the transition was rough because I had been detached from the English language for three years before coming to Georgia Tech. Nevertheless, the course gave me…show more content…
Understating the genre and audience as well as the rhetorical process generated a detailed development of the webpage, which throughout diverse deadlines of every process, attempted to a better final project. Notwithstanding high-school projects would produce analogous outcomes, I understand what writing was about in English 1101. For instance, adapting you communication, aware of audience, genre, purpose of communication, as well as having a strong yet debatable thesis, make me become aware of the complicated nature of the rhetorical situation, which unfortunately, I did not have the pleasure to know before. I used to procrastinate every project until it almost reaches its deadline, depriving myself of the core meaning of the proposal. English 1101 had diverse deadlines throughout the project, which require myself to work continuously and in advance for every assignment. As a result, I had to improve my time management skills. Moreover, I realized that an aftermath of not procrastinating and working everyday, was an improvement in my work due to the reviewing process I was exposed to continuously. Additionally, controlling my time better required a schedule, which promoted me to work more efficiently and organized in every class. Therefore, the importance of setting to work prior the project’s limit period, helped me understand assignments more thoroughly, along with improving my time management. Moreover,
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