I Am An Average Student

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In High school I was a C plus to B minus student, which was a substandard grade point average. Due to academic and financial reasons, I was confined to a Junior college. In moving forward I have become the ideal student that I always dreamed of. Looking back at what changed from then and now, it was truly my mindset. I deceived myself thinking that I did my best in high school but in all honesty I did not display my full potential. My mind set back then was, “I am an average student, and that is all I could ever be.” It was no importance of how hard I tried, I always came up short. The main reason behind my short comings was that negative statement imbedded within me, “I am an average student.” According to the bible, in Proverbs 23:7 it…show more content…
Besides academic community service; for more than five years I have been active in my church’s program that caters to autistic children and, recently I was promoted from helper to teacher. In any way I can better my community, environment, or help people that are in need, I will do it. I adore that your institution, Pennsylvania State University takes great pride in giving back to the community and having a greater impact on the world. In any and in all of my endeavors, I aim to be equipped with the right tools, training, and experience for success. Since I decided to venture down the path of majoring in Public Relations, I have extensively researched not only what the degree’s program consists of, but also which skills and experiences it takes to become successful. Academically I am interested in hands-on work that will promote growth in this field, such as internships or experiential learning programs. I am also interested in the how to better portray communication, research, creative and writing techniques that these subjects embody in this field. I not only I aspire to receive a Public Relations degree, but also a law degree which I will acquire when I attend law school. I intend to work in a public relations
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