I Am An Avid Reader

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I have always been an avid reader; from the point I could read all the way up into my teenage years. My reading level was always higher than my classmates. I enjoyed reading, I loved the way the words could take me away from what was going on in my life. If I was having a bad day, I could read a story that would lift my spirits. I knew that reading was helping me in school, it made me more confident in my abilities. I was comfortable reading aloud in class because I knew that I wouldn’t stumble over words and embarrass myself. I was always a great student, never had a bad grade in my life. I never had to work very hard to get good grades. This all changed on October 18th 2014. I had played softball for almost nine years. On the night of October 18th I was catching in a scrimmage. Looking around I could see my teammates standing in their designated positions. They were all standing in ready position waiting for the ball to be hit. It was the second inning and I watched as the batter walked up to the plate. She kicked at the dirt making dust fly up and hit me in the face. She set herself up and was prepared for the pitch to come. I looked towards my coach to get the sign for what pitch to tell the pitcher to throw. My pitcher was throwing a lot harder than usual. She threw the pitch that caused the largest downhill fall of my life. It was a foul line drive that tipped right off the top of the bat and straight into my head. I remember the slight sound of the ball tipping off…

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