I Am An Avid Target Shopper

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I am an avid Target shopper. I have all the discount cards, a membership in the rewards programs, and an account on the website. I love the savings I can get on high quality products, and the friendly team members. I frequently order things from Target.com and get my prescriptions there. When compared to other stores in the area, specifically Walmart, Target can 't be beaten on discounts, atmosphere, and online shopping experience. I do almost all my shopping there, and avoid Walmart anytime it 's possible. Every week, Target puts out an ad featuring major discounts in all areas of there stores. You can save on everything from clothes to groceries, and the sales change every week, with prices dipping very low at times. If you buy an item this week, and see that it 's on sale next week, or even the week after that, you can bring back in your receipts and they will give you the difference. Even a dollar or two here and there can really add up, and sometimes there is major savings to be had. I 've never heard of a retailer honoring the difference in the past sale prices.They also publish online printable coupons, that you can pair with manufacturer coupons, in order to save lots of money on your weekly needs. They are the only retailer I know of that allows using two coupons on one item (one Target coupon and one manufacturer’s) and they offer both on their site. In addition, they have an app for smart phones called Cartwheel that offers savings on items throughout the…

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