I Am An Elder Son Of A Real Estate Banker

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STATEMENT OF PURPOSE I am an elder son of a real estate banker; my father is always busy with the analysis of construction project budgets. He had his own library, with books ranging from construction estimation to procurement systems. These books are the seeds of curiousness inside me about the buildings and the science behind them. My mother being a mathematics teacher, made sure I had a strong grip over that subject all through my schooling. By the time I had to select my path into graduation, I was already inclined towards construction industry and opted for Architecture. It was a challenge to get selected among one million applicants. I graduated from “School of Planning and Architecture, India”, An Institute of National Importance, among the top three architecture schools in India. It was my mother’s mathematical nourishment which appreciated my chances of standing in top 0.001% (All India Rank – 870) in All India Engineering Entrance Exam. I was eager to contribute to the body of knowledge in construction industry and searched for the direction which can add value to the system. India being a developing country with world’s second largest population, construction resources are very important. I have observed a lot of scope for growth in the commercial sector and felt that thrifty approaches towards generic construction problems in commercial sector are to be modulated. Frugal construction techniques interested me and were one of my concentrations during
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