I Am An Elementary School Teacher

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“A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning,” was once said by Brad Henry, a politician. This quote summarizes one of the many reasons I aspire to be an elementary school teacher. My family life teacher, Mrs. Amend, was one of the best teachers in my years of schooling. She is who I see when I read this quote. She not only encouraged me to do my best in school but also helped me figure out my love for working with children and that is how I decided I wanted to become an elementary school teacher. I remember once we were talking about what I was plaining to do after high school and I mentioned that I was debating on whether to study to become a children psychologist or an elementary school teacher. Mrs. Amend mentioned that I could take her child and family development class and it would give me an insight in careers that deal with children. She also helped me volunteer at an elementary school for two weeks during that class that helped me see what it was like to be an elementary school teacher. Those two weeks helped me realized that teaching is something I would enjoy, even though it can be rough. It is not easy to become a teacher because many jobs, especially when working with children, require you to have a background knowledge and experience with children of all ages. That is why some of my vocational goals involve working with children. I want to be able to state that I have worked with children of different ages and…
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