I Am An Expert Critical Thinker

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At the beginning of this semester, I figured I was at an average level as a critical thinker. As the semester has progressed, and I have completed activities that allowed me to reflect on myself as a critical thinker, I began to realize that I was not the critical thinker I thought I was. Although I would enjoy saying that I am an expert critical thinker at this point in the semester, I am aware that there is still much more to learn and understand (and if I were to categorize myself as an expert, it would be obvious that the lessons were not completely grasped). Instead, I would categorize myself as proficient; I am able to use what I have learned from the various assignments and have a holistic view of situations, but as I said before, there is still much more I could learn. Out of all the critical thinking characteristics, I believe that the characteristic that says, “I am honest with myself, acknowledge what I don’t know, recognize my limitations, and am watchful of my own errors” is the characteristic where I have seen the most improvement on. This being my first semester at the University of Texas at Austin and coming from a very small school, I was aware that there would be many times when I would not understand something. As time has progressed to this point, I have also progressed in this characteristic, while taking advice from others and understanding that I don’t know everything. However, as this semester went on, I came to realize that while I originally
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