I Am An Interesting And Thought Provoking Module

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101CC was an interesting and thought-provoking module. It covered many aspects of communication and professionalism that exist in a patient care environment and interactively engaged us as a means to improve our understanding and development. It provided me with an in-depth insight into the integral elements of communication and professionalism, allowing me to identify attributes I never considered before. This presented me with the opportunity to identify my weaknesses and strengths and facilitated my ability to develop throughout. This essay will specifically reflect on team working and active listening. Detailing the need for them, its effects on patients and health professionals as well as the consequences of their absences. At the beginning of this module I undertook a Belbin Team Role questionnaire which aimed to discover what role I would fulfil in a team (Belbin 2012). It concluded that I was an ‘Implementer’ and had strengths in being practical and efficient, whilst being weak in responding to new opportunities. This activity highlighted a role which I was surprised to be identified with and led me to speculate. I would consider myself to be a team worker which I would argue to be a more influential role in a multi-disciplinary team; as ‘team working is increasingly vital for the delivery of effective health and social care services’ (Forte and Fowler 2009: 58). This therefore highlighted to me the need to develop my understanding of team working so as to enhance
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