I Am An Old Soul

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The directions to this statement of purpose indicate that it 's an opportunity to introduce myself in a way that my transcripts might not fully do. Think of me as a classic example of a 19 year old American young man. After my parents divorced in 2000, I learned to be very versatile and independent. My family consists of two brothers, two sisters, my Mom / Stepfather, and my Dad /
Stepmother. Surrounding me is two blended families that consistently show great support for me. As for hobbies, I have numerous ones. I enjoy hunting, fishing, strumming my guitar, playing all types of sports, but, mainly I can always be found with a football in my hand, or nearby. My values are conservative and I have a strong faith in God. The friends I have are a diverse mix of people from all races, religions, and walks of life. One thing that might interest people about me is that I am an old soul. Classic country
(Johnny Cash in particular) is one of my favorite genres although I love all music. Essentially, I think of myself as an enthusiastic guy that is just happy to be alive. I have had a couple of intense accidents that might be considered brushes with death and I feel very blessed to still be here.

Quite honestly, I never thought I would be writing an essay with the hopes of being accepted to Texas A & M University. I did well in high school, but my class academic ranking was not high enough to apply to TAMU....for, I was only in the top 30%. Being an athlete, I played 4 years of
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