I Am An Open And Accepting Mind

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Please Read This With an Open and Accepting Mind I am going to try to paint a picture in your mind. Picture a student that has all A’s and B’s, has a healthy, regular eating schedule, goes to sleep at a reasonable time, good social life with people he enjoys being around, and is stress-free, always waking up happy without a worry on his mind. Now picture a student that struggles in school, never really has a huge appetite, has trouble going to sleep at a reasonable time, wakes up feeling groggy and doesn’t want to go to school to learn, he is unable to hang out with the people he enjoys, he always has some type of stress level that does not allow him to enjoy life how he should, and doesn’t always feel like he is as responsible as he should be? Now which one of those students do you think uses Cannabis? Student 1 or Student 2? You’re probably thinking student 2 right? Well you’re wrong if that is the case. Actually, both of those students are I, James Corbett, and I am going to be telling you how Cannabis was, and can still be, a healthy, and life-changing part of my life that will and only will be for the better. First off, I am going to say this is not an essay where I am going to try to tell you all of the health facts on Cannabis, because honestly, you’ve probably read them off of an article called “War against drugs” or something like “How Marijuana use is killing off people everyday” or something like that. There is a documentary called “The Union” that has real,

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