I Am An Open Book : How Can She Share Everything Out Of The Blue?

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Fear was the first thing rattling throughout my body as one of my new foreign friends began to express her beliefs to me. I have never had one of these conversations before, but have been prepared throughout my life. I squirmed in my chair as she jawed on about her life story. How can she share everything out of the blue? I, myself, have never been an open book. How do I respond?
Pritha Marks is a nineteen-year-old teenage girl from New Zealand. She was one of the first people who befriended me upon my arrival at the host home in Antigua, Guatemala. I had every intention of sharing my Christian beliefs when I booked my trip to Guatemala, but I never imagined the conversation would arise with such ease. We are currently sitting in our favorite coffee shop, ironically called “El Refugio”, which means the refuge in English. I realize Pritha is staring at me waiting for a response. I nod my head, hoping she had not asked me a question. When she continues her conversation, I gratefully thank God and scold myself for not paying more attention.
“I mean, I guess I know there is someone, or something, out there, but I just don’t fully believe since I have never physically seen or heard this so called ‘God’.” Pritha glances at me for feedback.
I forcefully push the fear out of my body and muster up the courage to disciple about my Savior.
“Think about it like this, your relationship with God is basically like fishing.” At this comment, Pritha portrays a confused expression. I laugh…

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