I Am An Open Minded Person

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Through my high school experiences, I learned a lot of lessons. I learned how to be an open minded person. I learned how to listen to other peoples’ life stories and how that affected their behaviors and attitudes toward others. I also learned how to stop judging people by their actions or behaviors. Instead, treat everyone else the same way that I want them to treat me. Therefore, I started a new chapter in my life after getting to know other people’s struggles and problems. My first year in high school was in Baghdad, Iraq. I was in a special school that accepted only outstanding students with high GPA of 90% or more. Therefore, everyone in that school had the same level of education. After finishing the first year with good grades, I was excited to start the new school year and do the same. However in 2010, situations got worse in Baghdad specifically for Christians. Therefore, we left Baghdad and went up north- which is considered to be a safe place to live in. So, we tried to start new life there. In the beginning, I was scared that I won’t love the new school and I won’t do well in my school work. However, I wanted my education level to stay the same as it was in my first school. Most of my school work was in Kurdish, which is the language that’s used up north Iraq; Therefore, I had to study harder. Nevertheless, I finished a year and half with good grades and I was proud of myself and how I achieved that. However, our IOM case-International Organization of
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