I Am An Outcast - Original Writing

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I’m an outcast. I knew I was an outcast ever since I looked at my best friend and I thought “wow, I would date her.” And it wasn’t like “wow, if I was gay I would date her,” it was “I would date her in a heartbeat.” These thoughts led me to discover that I, Elysia Wright, youngest in a family of 7 other half- and step-siblings, the only daughter my mum has ever had, was completely and utterly bisexual. Now, it wasn’t a snap decision. I’ve had years to stew in my thoughts to confirm that yes, I am bisexual. There was just one problem. By October 11th, 2015, everyone knew of my sexuality. Everyone, that is, except my mum. My mum, who I have long been close to, who I have known longer than anyone in the world, was completely unaware of her daughter’s attraction to people of the same gender. To tell the truth, I wasn’t entirely sure why I hadn’t told her. It’s not like she would snap at me - heck, she’s always supported me - but there was something holding me back, some deep-rooted fear, some monster under my bed that whispered bitter lies in my ear and told me that everything would not be okay, that I would not be okay, and for some stupid reason I listened to it. I couldn’t put this off forever. I knew that. What was I going to do, introduce my mum to my girlfriend on our wedding day? Though the prospect was amusing, I knew I wouldn’t be able to wait that long. I knew that it was time for me to be an outcast. October 11th, 2015. I mentioned this date earlier, and for a

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