I Am An Outsider Of The Cinephile World

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This course is based around the observation and research of a subculture of our choosing. The intention is to select a group of people that interests us and insert ourselves into their world, through examining and analyzing the values, routines, and general mechanics of their culture. Rather than settling with a traditionally operating culture that share their commonalities through physical presence with each other, I opted to approach this course in a more challenging and unique way. I chose to spend my semester surfing the web, chatting online, and instant messaging members of a cyberculture, known as cinephiles. Cinephiles, cinemaniacs, cinephiliacs, or more commonly known as movie buffs, are a group of people that share a passion for…show more content…
I only take part when Samuel does. Consequently, I am just roped in as a cinephile by association.
At this point in the process, I don’t have a great deal of knowledge beyond the surface level, down into the depths of the cinephile cyberculture. What I do know is that they communicate their passion widely through internet forums on social media. Therefore, my primary field site is an invitation-only Facebook page called Film Buffs. The purpose of the group is to “build an active, friendly community that encourages regular posts which draw debate and discussion on all things film.” Samuel introduced and invited me to this group so that I can conduct my fieldwork through it. Now, I am officially one of 7,174 member of the growing group.
Beyond that, to my current understanding, I know that cinephiles have a vast, in depth, knowledge of movies of every genre. They take the initiative to watch not only the current blockbuster hits, but also the classics and even low budget independent films. A characteristic of a cinephile is curiosity. They take the time to give chances to low rated Netflix releases that any other person would over look. I believe that this curiosity is driven by the eagerness to discover something new, something worth sharing and recommending to the cinephile community.
Besides forums, another way that cinephiles share their reviews and new findings is through video
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