I Am An Undergraduate College Student

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When I was an undergraduate college student, studying required much more effort. Despite a strong desire to learn, and a passion for biology, my educational experiences was not ideal.
During my sophomore year in college I started teaching my peers to test myself if I knew core concepts. This is where I developed a love for anatomy and physiology as well as a desire to teach. I chose to further this love through the Anatomy Program through Wright State
University. Progressing through graduate school allowed me to define learning as a personal process of growth. Being able to ask questions and actually attempt to answer those questions was extremely motivating. Through my experiences, I have focused on two primary philosophies as a teacher: to get students to think about science as a process, and to individualize their learning experiences, the former of which I learned as a student myself, and the latter of which became evident as an effective teaching strategy through my growth in graduate school.
Through my initial failures as an undergraduate student, I realized the interactive classroom environment was lacking in most of the courses. I learned about my own potential through graduate school. Because of this, I have made an effort to be a mentor as well as a teacher by providing my students with opportunities to learn in ways they would find to be most beneficial. As a graduate teaching assistant, I appreciated how precious the time was with my students, and how I wanted to
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