I Am An Undergraduate Student

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I am an undergraduate student in Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis; my major is Electrical Engineering, this is my senior year in my undergraduate degree. Even I am going to graduate after this year, looking ahead at what is coming in the future makes reality sink in. It feels like I just started college a couple of months ago and looking for career far years away. In general, people all want to have a job that can makes lots of money, live in a spacious home and drive a striking sport car after graduation. Even though these ideals are too secular, to achieve these ideals I must have a successful career life. Therefore, making a career plan to prepare myself for the career field before I graduate is really important; since it will not only help me determine my career goals, but also manage the job skills and knowledge which will be helpful in my career life. First of all, I have a deep passion for the information signals technology sector, that is the most important factor I choose this major. Information systems are a critical component of modern organizations (Gurbaxani, 1991), that is why I am going to find a career in this field to be attractive. Information technology firms require electrical engineers to occupy various job positions. Such organizations are based all over the world. The current emergence of scientific innovations in developing countries is intriguing, and my ideal firm should be based in United State. My first job position in such a firm
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