I Am An Upper Middle Class Essay

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Upon observation of Precious I became aware of many differences between she and I. I am an upper middle class, 34 year old Caucasian woman. Conversely, Precious is a 17 year old African American woman who lives in poverty. Additional observations about our differences are that I was raised without abuse in my home, while she suffered abuse her whole childhood. Moreover, I observed some less obvious differences between the client and myself. For instance, Precious is socially withdrawn and quiet, where as I am confident and extroverted. Furthermore our education level is very different. Precious struggles with educational delays and just achieved a seventh grade reading level, while I have my bachelor’s degree and am working toward my master’s degree. Establishing Consent/Discussing Confidentiality In order to establish consent, I would first explain confidentiality to my client verbally as well as the instances in which confidentiality can and needs to be breached. I would also give this explanation of consent in written form for the client to sign. Following this step, in order to be sensitive to the client and ensure she understands confidentiality and consent, I would explore the reasons she is seeking help. Through this exploration process I would use the techniques of empathic responding and motivational interviewing to establish rapport with the client. Empathic responding and motivational interviewing will also help to ease any reservations Precious may
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