I Am And Like Clockwork Sara 's Phone Speaker Blasts

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It is 9:15 AM and like clockwork Sara’s phone speaker blasts “Unforgettable,” by French Montana. She makes one seemingly basic decision every morning when she wakes up, the decision to get out of bed and leave her isolated state in her apartment, or to hit snooze and stay there all day. Most days she chooses to leave the apartment which means she has the opportunity to meet others and build strong bonds. Sara’s decision to leave also facilitates a genuine human connected between those who she chooses to build connections with, or becomes accustomed to daily conversation. It is impossible to get along with everyone in this life. However, generally speaking there will be a few people that will be in the right place at the right time…show more content…
Knowing this to be true, humans still continue to make assumptions every single day about what another person is thinking and feeling. Quite often, I came to realize, the assumptions I make are wrong, and even the judgements I make about others are not fair. After making memories together Michael and Sian eventually begin to form this strong bond that blooms into a relationship. When Michael 's thoughts are shared with us you can clearly see he has formed a deeper understanding of life: “Love, anger, jealousy, resentment, grief- all were defined, ultimately, in terms of external circumstances and observable actions”(687). Michael also constantly obsesses over knowing a person fully. As the story goes on he feeds this obsession when he begins to learn more about Sian’s life by, “piecing together details of her past by from throwaway lines” (687). After parts of her life were exposed to Michael he realized, “(he) couldn’t imagine what is was like inside her head” (687). He goes onto assume he will never come to understand her thoughts and how they control what she does or says. Over the years, this couple becomes more comfortable with each other and begins to share a lot more details about their lives. Michael even decides to “clumsily” share with her his obsession about wanting to

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