I Am Applying For The Ul Lafayette College Of Nursing

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I am applying for the UL Lafayette College of Nursing & Allied Health Professions Nursing Scholarship to hopefully earn a scholarship award to assist me with financing my college education. I do not have an on-campus or off-campus job at the time which benefits me by allowing more of my time to be dedicated to my studies. I am a focused and self-motivated student who strives to earn the best grades possible in my college courses. I am a determined student because I want to become an efficient and effective nurse when I graduate with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. I know that I will graduate as a professional and competent nurse who demonstrates evidence-based practice, emphasizes quality and safety measures in care settings, and provides the utmost patient-centered care.
I am currently financing my education with a TOPS Scholarship as well as an academic scholarship from UL Lafayette. By receiving this scholarship, I would gain assurance that I will be able to successfully complete college without having to request loans or pay off student debt once I graduate. Earning this award would greatly assist me in paying for my college tuition and other expense that arise during my four years here at UL Lafayette. The uncertain TOPS decision taking place right now is another factor to which receiving this scholarship would hinder from being a concern of mine in regards to financial need.
I plan to further my education, proceeding my…

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