I Am Applying to the Master's in Computer Science Program

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Aiming to carve a niche for myself in this broad area of Computer Science I apply to the Masters in Computer Science Program in Jacobs School of Engineering at the University of California, San Diego. This is the Program and the University for me which matches in all aspects of what I seek. The buzz about the enabling environment within the Computer Science and Engineering Department, which requires students to push their limits and helps them do so through providing avant-garde course selection and cutting edge infrastructure is a main attraction. The work of Dr. Pavel Pevzner and Prof Henrick Jensen on Fragment Assembly in DNA sequencing and Global illumination using photon mapping is exactly what I would want to be part of. I understand that admission is difficult and then performing once admitted in a group of students that are competitive and brilliant will be even tougher, I apply because I know that I will be able to perform.

Having lost my parents by the tender age of 12, I understood the true importance of focus, determination and effort from a very early stage in my life. Life has been what it has and I knew I had to build my own life. There was no ready platform and thus I did just that. Eligibility for Computer Engineering in the best engineering college in the state – Nirma Institute of Technology came backed by effort and determination to make it. Focus that I must find my place within Computers was something that I was aware of from day one. Nevertheless
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