I Am Asking The Court To Order My Former Husband, James

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I am asking The COURT to order my former husband, James Michael Newman, known herein as Mike, to comply with "Article III 3.1g"and "Statement of Liabilities,Other Short Term Debt "and pay my dental fees. Easily affording the full cost ($32,085.00), Mike insists he pay my dentists directly, but repeatedly withholds the funds. I am asking The COURT to stop deliberate abuse and order one final and direct payment to me.

Explanation of fact;
In September 2000, at our first mediation with Bernard Nuener, Esq., in Hackettstown, New Jersey, Mike 's new attorney, Colleen McCarthy, requires my dentist 's itemized fees in writing to enter in the PSA, that guarantees payment of dental fees. However, her plan postpones payment for my immediate care.
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Pollack 's fees, saying, “TBD stands for TBD“ then returns to his cellphone call with Mike 's late father Jimmy Newman.
In April 2003, after retaining Amy Reisen, Esq., in Millburn, New Jersey, paying $3,500.00 for legal help with many violations. She mails Colleen McCarthy copies of my dentist 's statements that remain past due. Ms. McCarthy calls Amy Reisen many times, pushing for Mike 's meeting demands. After twice confirming May 22, 2003, at 9:30am, Colleen McCarthy enters two hours late, at 11:30, not with Mike but with Jimmy Newman, his late father, wasting $525.00 of my paid attorney time.
Thereafter, Colleen McCarthy responds in writing to Ms. Reisen 's requests. Dated June 16, 2003, she revokes Mike 's responsibility for my dentist 's fees. Then switching financial control to Mike 's father, Jimmy Newman with a new, never before discussed plan. Despite being well informed that dentists do not bill others, and knowing that Jimmy, my former father in law, is not legally bound to pay dental fees, Ms. McCarthy writes,”The $14,400.00 dental bill included with your letter (paragraph 3.1 in the Property Settlement Agreement of June 3, 2002), is to be paid directly to the dentists. This amount will be paid when a bill from the dentist is received by Jimmy Newman”.
Colleen McCarthy reverses Mike’s legal obligation and payment. Deliberately omitting that she initiated my dentist’s
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