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Throughout my life I have been to three Churches. My family has found a Church that made us feel at home and we have been going there since I was eight. Now that I am at Indiana Wesleyan I have had to find another church to attend. My home Church which is named New Beginnings, are the teachings that I have shaped my faith into what it is today. The River, which I go to at school, has added to some of my beliefs. Our Church has a strong focus on the core doctrines of Christianity and the members of our congregation are encouraged to practice and live out these doctrines on a daily basis. New Beginnings is committed to the truths of the Nicene Creed and we are in full agreement with this doctrine. Theological Anthropology is one of the…show more content…
I thought that by doing good things I was living my life the way God wanted me to. When I came to Indiana Wesleyan my ideas about being good were completely changed. I can now see and understand the doctrines of my Church and the purpose behind the study of Theological Anthropology. Creating a relationship with Christ allows Christians to understand the plan that God has in store for us and gives us an opportunity to become more Christ-like. A huge debate in theology is the one that is between Calvinists and Arminians. Calvinists believe that there are a select group of people that God determines to go to heaven and nothing that these people do in their lives can change this. They believe that the others in this world are bound to sin and cannot escape their fate to be sent to hell. Personally I feel that this is absurd. I am not a Calvinist and have never been apart of a congregation that portrays Calvinistic ideas. Calvinistic views take away from Jesus Christ 's death on the cross. From when I was little, I have been taught that Jesus died on the cross for every single person. This means that it is impossible to have an elected amount of people that God chooses for heaven. If we limit Christ’s death to simply the elect, then Christ’s death has less of a significant meaning. Christians should understand that on judgment day they will be judged for the way that they conducted their daily lives, how they loved others as
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