I Am At My Name 's Ellie Bell

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This is it, there’s no turning back now! I’m here, almost 6,300 miles south of my pocket-sized, brick townhouse on Fitzwilliam Street, London. I begin feeling faint and lightheaded, as it’s suddenly my turn to introduce myself to the remainder of the group. “Hello, my name’s Ellie Bell. I’m twenty-seven and I’m here to experience something about myself that I didn’t know before”. The studly leader of the programme replies, “Welcome on board Ellie, nice to have you with us this year. We’re going to start off with a basic tour of the first place where we will be putting our hands to work”. There was nothing pleasant about this shanty town. There was a noticeable aroma of human waste and the noise of flies was alarming. To make it worse,…show more content…
After a short stroll we reach a large open space of cleared ground, where mud huts seem to form a village. I bend down and hug the big, bright eyed children for the last time today.

With nothing but a mud round wall and a thatched roof on top, I’m somehow supposed to sleep here for a couple of weeks. I decide to edge closer to this African hut and peer into it through this gap. I presume this is the doorway into inside. My eyes are drawn straight to a tiny bed mattress, which is almost like my black yoga mat at home. After the shock of this, I glance around the hut and notice a few little homemade bowls, cups and ornaments. Weirdly, this makes me feel a little more at home and welcomed. Nightfall is settling in now, so the group and I decide to get to know each other a bit more. After a couple hours of jokes and laughter, the first night’s sleep was sure to be a different one to what I’ve ever been used to. I slowly and gently lay down onto my new bed in the dark corner of the mud hut. Then I notice it’s surprisingly even more uncomfortable than it looks. The realisation of where I am lets nerves and anxiety creep into me, but I soon manage to shake it off.

By sunrise, everyone in the area seems to be up and about, except for me and the team. However, it doesn’t take us all long to start with day two of our life changing experience here. Within three hours we are all covered in dirt and sweat from wedging cement into stacks

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