I Am At The David Owsley Museum

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Have you ever had a piece of music that causes a picture or painting to come to life? When I was at the David Owsley Museum I was looking at art pieces that had more of a realistic feel and trying to find one that was interesting to me. The Rapids, Sister Island, Niagara by William Morris Hunt caught my attention by just looking at it, and then I listened to Variation XI “G.R.S.” by Edward Elgar, and I really enjoyed the two pieces of art placed together. There were three things that caught my attention to the music and I noticed that these things we discussed in art connected directly to the ideas from music. The first thing that was intriguing to me was the tone color. Next, the dynamic was interesting and related to the way the painting…show more content…
The yellow was more present, because it was very upbeat and seemed like something severe was going to happen. It is unique to me that the picture focuses on a lot of greens and blues, showing that these two combine together to make the art piece seem more intense. This tone color was also bright and put off some very extreme force. I also believe that Variation XI “G.R.S.” gave off a mood of energy. I got this feeling because it has a very fast tempo and the quick pace of the tone created a different picture in my mind. The tone color of the song helped to implicate a new meaning behind The Rapids, Sister Island, Niagara. The dynamic of the song also changed my mood at certain points. Sometimes the pitch would last for a really long time and that to me emphasized the intensity that was taking place within the picture. It even created the idea to me that the painting was an actual waterfall that was moving. When a painting does this, it is a realistic representational painting which means it exhibits a high degree of verisimilitude, or life likeness. Then when the pitch would be lower and last for a shorter period of time I did not really know what I was supposed to be expecting out of it. I was listening to the song and was waiting to see what was going to come after the lower pitch sound at the certain time in Variation XI “G.R.S.”. I think that the duration of the music piece caused the painting to come alive and leave more of a
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