I Am Becoming A Engineer Administrator

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I am starting my 15th year in the technology field on an official level, but my interest and unofficial membership spans back an additional ten years. In many ways I have prepared myself well technologically over the past 11 years by taking jobs that I not only enjoy, but taught me the hands on skills required to advance in my career. At the same time though, I am not keeping current on my certifications. With my most recent certification over five years ago, it looks as if I am not keeping abreast of cutting edge technologies. Keeping current in technology is a large part, of what I do, and will continue to be relevant in the near future. I am choosing to move into an area of technology that requires more interpersonal, communication, and leadership skills. The new direction I am taking in my field is not a drastic change for me in the way I work, at least for the next three to five years. As a systems administrator I am expected to help teach the less experienced employees about networks, servers, and software that make all of our lives easier, yet leave us pulling out our hair when something goes wrong. This teaching is more of an expectation than an actual job requirement therefore, it is informal and non-structured. My short and long term goals are aligned with education and slowly applying what I have learned at my current job as it relates to training and leadership. As part of my education, I need to keep current on my technology skills, and gain useful
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