I Am Becoming A Person

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People strive their entire lives at goals that lead to nothing. They work to complete things that the micro-society around them has deemed “acceptable”. Some may graduate high school, then hang out in their neighborhood from nine to five. A few may marry off only to ponder on their true dreams. Others attend college, then spend the rest of their lives working toward another person’s life goal. Then there are the people who go through the storm of life striving for the greatest opportunities life should offer. I am becoming that person. The person who sees the possibilities in a world of impossible. In my life, many would say a goal I’ve accomplished is surviving the many unfortunate preconceived life obstacles that I have endured. From mother abandonment to having an incarcerated father. Yet for myself my greatest life goal to date was not only being the first student to study abroad from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore (UMES) but being able to encourage other African American students to pursue study abroad. For me attending college felt like an opportunity to avoid being homeless and to pursue something I naturally excelled in, education. The idea of college changing my life was merely a fantasy, but upon entering college the thought of leaving the country had not been conceived yet. When I first arrived at UMES I was curious but not satisfied. I felt as if I was paying for something that did not grasp my interest. Apart of me craved more from life. Apart of me
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