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Denise Wall
BIBL 323-D08

We are often searching for answers to find out who Jesus was or what His teachings really meant. John includes eight different situations in which Jesus gives what are known as the “I Am” statements. Instead of continuing to simply wonder about who Jesus is, we can take an in depth look into the “I Am” statements that Jesus made while He was here on earth. Conclusions can be drawn by looking at the statements Jesus makes and looking into what they mean. He uses an emphatic “I Am” to bring out important teachings about his person. Most of these statements are known by Christians.
The first of these eight sayings, and the one in which this paper will focus on, is taken
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The people who are gathered in front of Jesus did not understand that this bread was provided by God, they thought Moses had fed the people. The bread was sent from heaven to supply for the physical needs of the people. The people do not understand that Jesus can fill them in a way that no bread is able to. It is evident that this crowd does not yet understand what it means to be a true disciple of Jesus.
Jesus tells the crowd that just as bread was supplied for the people then, the Father is supplying bread for them right now. It is interesting that the people ask for that bread and they ask that it be supplied forever. Jesus’ answer tells them that they can have the bread and without them having to ask, it will be supplied for eternity. He says: “I am the bread of life. He who comes to Me shall never hunger and he who believes in Me shall never thirst.” God has sent Jesus to fulfill the spiritual hunger of the people.
Towns notes that at least four times during His message, the people have shown that they do not believe what Jesus is saying. He must get them back on course by using the statement “truly, truly” which is a term used when resistance is being met. Christ’s sustenance is not to be doubted. The deity of Jesus is being revealed through these statements. He is the bread of everlasting life, satisfying life, resurrection life, and indwelling life.
Jesus identified the bread of God as that which

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