I Am Born And Raised By Hard Working Christian Parents

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I was born and raised by hard working Christian parents, who provided emotional support and met all of my physical needs throughout my childhood. This support continued beyond high school and throughout my college experiences. Their authoritative parenting style helped develop my character, which has enabled me to become a high achieving college student. Before analyzing my parents’ responsiveness, demandingness, and facilitation of my independence, I believe it is important to describe my childhood environment. As a child, my needs were met immediately and supported by a hard working stay-at-home mother, and a father who cared for me when he wasn’t working his well-paying job as a pediatrician. Thus, my mother was the primary caregiver in my household, and more significantly impacted my development. Finally, because my father was often at work, scoring his responsiveness, demandingness, and facilitation of my independence was more difficult. My questionnaire and PAQ responses support my conclusion that both of my parents demonstrated an authoritative parenting style. My mother rated a responsiveness score of “10.” Even today, my mother drops everything to meet my needs, therefore, her exceptionally high score of 53 for emotional support (responsiveness) was not surprising. Despite my father’s busy schedule, he found time to play sports, was always cognizant of my needs, and listened without interrupting me. As a result, my father scored a “9” for responsiveness and a “51”

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