I Am Born On The Island Of Jamaica, West Indies By Jean Banthorne And Ralston Reid

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I was born on December 25th on the Island of Jamaica, West Indies to Jean Banthorne and Ralston Reid. At the age of three and a half my mother migrated to the United States of America and left me and two younger siblings with our maternal grandmother. Soon after my mother my father migrated to the United Kingdom. I had a late start in school because my grandmother was of the opinion that we were not to remain long in her care. So she never enrolled me in school when I became age appropriate. Each day she would say my parents would soon send for me and it made no sense to start because I would have to leave. Eventually, she gave in an enrolled all of us in a neighborhood school that was run by a Seventh-day Adventist teacher for the neighborhood children. I started at the same time as my younger two siblings and was quickly labeled as a dunce as I was the oldest but knew almost nothing and was not able to grasps information as quickly as my sisters.
In June, 1980 our parents finally sent for us and my sisters and I joined our parents in America. I entered the 10th grade and my two younger sisters were placed in the 9th grade. From the onset, I began excelling in school. By senior year I was on the National Honor Society. While in the 12th grade year, the Guidance Counselor asked me my plans for after high school. I never thought at all what would happen after high school. She reviewed my transcript and suggested New Jersey Institutes of Technology after noting

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