I Am Capable Of Taking On A Managerial Role

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This essay is a personal investigation of how I manage my time and if I am capable of taking on a managerial role. In this essay, I will describe the two self assessments I took, the scores I received, and how my findings relate to my personal life and the course material. This analysis is useful for me to be able to understand how I function in a managerial setting. A typical school day for me goes something like this. My alarm starts ringing at 6:45 in the morning. I slowly crawl out of bed, shower, and get dressed. After making sure my back pack is full of the books I need for class, I eat a quick breakfast and am out the door no later than 7:30. After 50 minutes of number crunching in accounting class, I jump back in my car and drive…show more content…
It is my lifesaver throughout the semester. In addition, my car, my room, and my office at work stay very neat and organized. 
 Overall, I scored an eight on this assessment. A score of eight or higher represents good time management skills. Daft describes time management as “using techniques that enable you to get more done in less time and with better results” (Daft, 2013, 21). Just as all businesses must continue to improve in this constantly changing world, I feel the same about my time management skills. On page 22 in the Manager’s Shoptalk box, the author listed some tips on how to improve time management skills. I learned that multitasking is not always an effective skill when it comes to managing time. The authors of one study actually suggest that “an inability to focus on one thing at a time could reduce efficiency by 20 to 40 percent” (Daft, 2013, 22). Therefore, from now on, I plan to concentrate and give my full attention to just one task at a time. I am hoping that this reduces my stress level and spares me some more free time throughout the day. 
 After analyzing this self assessment, I realize that good mental habits are just as important as good physical habits when it comes to managing time. While I think my physical routines for time management are strong, I want to improve on my mental management habits by giving one task at a time my full attention. I believe that when mental and physical time management

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