I Am Choosing The George Washington University ( Gwu )

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We often see the world evolve around people who are unprepared for its transformation. I grew up in Peru, where access to microcredit for poor entrepreneurs with brilliant business ideas is scarce. I spent two years in South Africa, where starting a business consists of waiting over 200 days to get electricity set up. Working on Panama, I have seen locals fight for jobs in a Canal condemned by international contractors.
With lack of opportunities and inadequate resources, people are unable to escape poverty. As our world becomes increasingly interconnected, I believe no one should be left behind. I am choosing the George Washington University (GWU) because I want to acquire business knowledge with an international focus and society in mind, join a network of individual with the courage to reach difficult goals, and gain credibility as I strive to make an impact on peoples’ lives.
I like opportunities, I like challenges, and I like to make a positive difference. After graduating college with an Economics degree, I thought of the range of possibilities that would help me reach my goals. I was aware of the fact that I wanted to work for a large and prominent organization with an international scope capable of influencing policy-makers and dealing with a wide array of economic and social issues. I did not want to just crunch numbers and run regressions for a living; I wanted my work to count. Fortunately, it did not take long for such opportunity to come, and soon after I was…
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