I Am Cold, Hungry, And Lonely Again

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Neverending I’m cold, hungry, and lonely… again. I don’t remember how many times this cycle has gone, heck I don’t even remember where I am! All I know is I need to tell you this story before it’s too late. Before he comes back. I was an adventurer before I ended up here, wherever I am. My search team and I were on an expedition looking for Pandora’s Box. It was said to contain all the evils of the world and whoever found it would get paid a hefty amount of money. My best friend and I were going to go looking for it as our last glorious expedition before we retired from our adventures. We were only about 25 at the time. My best friend Denzel had brown hair and blue eyes and was getting ready to settle down with his sweetheart, Esmeralda. As for me I had brown hair just like my friend’s but my eyes were the greenest of greens and I wasn 't ready to settle down. I was good with the ladies, which kind of comes with the job title, and I wasn’t ready to give that up. But I also wasn 't about to let my buddy go through the married life alone. I had to be there for him so I was going to go anywhere with him. Denzel and I gathered up our crew and by the time our expedition started, it was about mid August… no mid June all I remember is it was sometime during the summer.We set up our camp in one of the only clearings we could find and went on our journey looking for Pandora’s Box. We trudged through a dark, dank forest where the only light we had was what seeped between the

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