I Am Concerned With The Development Of The Entire Child

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I view students as a ‘whole.’ I am concerned with the growth and development of the entire child. The Whole Child Initiative is an effort to change education from a focus on narrowly defined academic achievement to one that promotes the long term development and success of children. I believe in supporting diversity in the classroom and believe in focusing on celebrating differences among students. I think all children are inherently good. Misbehavior or behavioral concerns don’t make a child bad. I don’t believe a child is ever ‘bad.’ I feel if behavior is a concern then intervention should take place between teachers, administrators and parents to support the child’s positive growth and success in school and beyond.
Students need structure and routine along with socialization. School allows students to function on a set schedule of learning and activities with peers and I think kids are very interested in that even though some may say they “don’t like school” or may sometimes feel they are enduring it. My role as a teacher is to be an exemplar to students. A model of behavior, expectations, character, and much more. My role is to be supportive of students in their growth, development, academic success, and character. My duty as a teacher is to go beyond teaching academic lesson and also be supportive of the child emotional health and development. I feel that is very important as a teacher to support the whole child not just their intellectual growth.
I feel management…

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